This Agitates the Runescape Playerbase

New or coming RuneScape Gold players tend towards Old School,

New or coming RuneScape Gold players tend towards Old School, and the remaining RS3 playerbase is comprised mostly of high tech / maxed accounts that will only begrudgingly take part in non-endgame content with the intention of completionism. Together with RS3 having attained the apex of what is technically attainable using its obsolete game engine, and possible legislation from the united kingdom government endangering its monetization scheme, I anticipate RS3's future to be quite limited. In the meantime, RuneScape game has been squeezed for what it is worth with MTX promotionals, while development seems comparatively sparse. This agitates the RuneScape playerbase.

Of the people against this would be the reason OSRS is far more popular. A ton of the articles is updates of the content through procedures that are different. I dont know a lot about RuneScape match but I know you get a lot of bis components from arbitrary slayer creatures and shit which keeps them in demand and keeps the lower amount equipment shit in demand.

This present plan Jex has will lead to a big sink because you still want those components but I'd rather them just use various components than requiring more of the expensive shit. No one is gont utilize biting 3 as a stepping stone to biting 4 knowing it is completely fucking useless when you're done using it so the comparisons between nox and t92s can also be futile. The present plan is likely to create nox rise, let's say to 160m each weapon.

That's wonderful. So now you think a new osrs gp player that never had biting is all of a sudden somehow likely to get a biting 3 now, in a more expensive cost, till they can get extra money to get a biting 4 rather? Yall got a number of the logic.